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1: When did you start training as an MMA fighter?

I first started training in Martial Arts around 2007 when I took up Muay Thai Kickboxing, after a couple of years I became interested in grappling and began training in Mixed Martial Arts around 2010.

2: How long have you been training with Tom Blackledge?

I've been training with Tom for 2 years now and the improvement I've felt is truly unbelievable. I honestly believe there's no better coach for me on the planet.

3: What has been your most memorable fight to date?

As far as my most memorable fight goes it's hard to say. Every fight is an experience you'll never forget. I really enjoyed my last fight as it was a re- match where I avenged a loss, putting him away in the second round was very satisfying and I put a lot of demons to bed that night.

4: What's a day in the life of James Lewis?

A day in the life of James Lewis usually consists of training, maybe some coaching...and more training! I get to do what I love every day so I feel very lucky.

5: What are your aspirations for your future in MMA?

My aspirations for my future in MMA are like most other fighters, I want to make it to the big leagues and there's no bigger promotion out there than the UFC. I'd also like to make a big impact in the UK and Europe as I make my way there.

6: Who inspires you in the world of MMA and why?

I can honestly say my biggest inspirations are my coach and my team mates.

Tom is a master of his craft and a constant source of knowledge and guidance. Looking around the Blackledge MMA Team you can't help to be inspired and Andrew Clamp is a perfect example, his work ethic and constant positivity drives me forward everyday through the rigours and challenges of a Professional Mixed Martial Artist.






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Based in Wigan, Blackledge MMA is run by world renowned and very respected MMA Champion Tom Blackledge.

BMMA welcomes all levels of ability to our facilities. We are friendly professional Mixed Martial Artists with a wealth of experience and look forward to meeting and training with you, don't be shy, we don't bite. Come down and train with some of the best MMA fighters in the UK, healthy body, healthy mind!